Our Services

When you use our services – you’re shipping with specialists in international shipping and courier delivery services!
With our wide range of express parcel and package services,
along with warehouse, shipping and tracking solutions to fit your needs
learn all about our services!

Xpress247 – Domestic Express Service

We have same day service, One night service, and also regular service, on domestic coverage

  • Sameday Service (iSDS)
  • Overnight Service (iONS)
  • Regular Service (iREG)
  • Economy Service (iCon)

IDLconnect – Shuttle & International Freight Service

As an expert in international shipping, IDL understands the needs of small and medium businesses.

IDL can help you with global customs requirements as well as local import and export resources.

Mailroom Specialist

Best expertise on mailroom operations and management

  • Mailroom Outsourcing
  • Administrative Support Services
  • IT Support Services
  • Digital Mailroom
  • Reception Management
  • Managed Print Services

Dedicated Courier

Our SameDay and Dedicated Courier Services offer a nationwide pre-booked and 'on demand' response to urgent delivery needs.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using our fleet of trucks, small and large vans, and motorcycle couriers.

Warehouse Professional

IDL Group pioneered flexible, multi-customer warehousing logistics solutions. We currently offer more than 32 million square feet of warehousing spaced strategically in Jakarta

  • MARUNDA (40.000 sqm & 5000 sqm)
  • PULO GADUNG (2000 sqm)
  • RAWA BOKOR (3000 sqm)

Personal Asset Mover

Our clients depend on us to protect and transport their household belongings anywhere in the world

  • We have the highest quality team
  • We have the right people to help you
  • We connected around the world

Additional Services


  • Support B2C, B2B, C2C, CBeC
  • Customs Clearance (CBeC)
  • eCommerce enabler, ePlatform and Payment Gateway
  • Support Omni Channel (Virtual Store)
  • Support Government, Corporate & SME:
    • eProcurement
    • ePayment
    • Fulfillment & Replenishment